Nutrition Education (SBCC)

The Social and Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC) Program virtually cuts across every other programme within the National Nutrition Agency. The programme strives to attain a well-informed nation through the mass and traditional media, which is done through informing, communicating and educating the Gambian populace on nutrition and nutrition related interventions. The programme is responsible for the development and implementation of effective communication materials through National SBCC and Community Mobilization (CM) strategies. As part of the SBCC strategy, capacity building, coaching and mentoring is conducted at all levels for improved health and nutrition. To enhance communication and understanding for desired behavioral change, the SBCC programme develops audiovisuals in the form of posters, banners, videos, and TV and radio spots and routinely conducts both TV/Radio programmes. The SBCC Program implements the 16 key household behaviors, which at community level is implemented by the VSGs as they are responsible for the dissemination of the messages.

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