Planning and Resource Mobilization Unit (PRMU)

The Planning and Resource Mobilization Unit (PRMU) core duties include; Resource mobilisation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research and Documentation and reports to the Deputy Executive Director.

The Unit is responsible for the following functions:

  1. Develop a framework and guidelines for the mainstreaming of nutrition in development sectoral planning, for use by development planners in the appraisal of sectoral policies for their nutrition content
  2. Assess the potential impact of Government policies (planned or existing) on nutrition outcome and enable NaNA to recommend how vulnerable groups can be cushioned or protected against any adverse effects, in a timely manner
  3. Undertake an inventory of all nutrition relevant policies and identify opportunities and mechanisms for harmonizing these policies with the nutrition policy and, for enhancing Nutrition Policy and programme implementation.
  4. Identify gaps and weaknesses in the Nutrition Policy and suggest how they could be strengthened
  5. Conduct research, studies and surveys on nutrition and related issues
  6. Collect, analyses and interpret all statistical data on nutrition and related areas for policy formulation and informed decision making
  7. Coordinate the mobilization of resources for investing in nutrition